If you are interested in finding out more about the competitive marching band activity in the UK then please visit either of the two websites below:

British Youth Band Association

Formed in 1974 the British Youth Band Association has provided guidance and support for its members. The Association set up rules to standardise the running of contests, judging and scoring along with the introduction of national divisions or classes.

The aims of the Association are:
• to provide a focus for the activities of the British youth band movement,
• to promote the growth, prestige and calibre of marching bands,
• to provide an information service,
• to create a forum for members' viewpoints, and
• to encourage friendly co-operation among those engaged in youth band activities.
• to provide opportunities for young peoples' personal development through performance within the marching arts,

Our Mission Statement
To provide opportunities for young peoples’ personal development through performance within the marching arts

Our Values:
• Teamwork: Working together to achieve common goals. We are committed to the growth of the BYBA community.
• Honesty: Be real, be open, and be honest.
• Pride: We believe in the values of what we do.
• Skills Development: Helping the BYBA Community to learn and develop, aiming to inspire future generations.
• Fun: We enjoy what we do, and deliver fun experiences for all

Drum Corps United Kingdom
Drum Corps United Kingdom

Drum Corps United Kingdom, part of Marching & Performing Arts UK, is a charitable youth organisation which seeks to promote and support its member Drum and Bugle Corps within the United Kingdom.

The basic concept is that of playing an entertaining musical programme of their own choice and performing a field show of precision marching, dance and other choreographed movement.

Established in 1980, DCUK currently has a membership of Drum Corps spread geographically right across the country.

Corps pay an annual membership fee and in return the Corps receive services and information from the DCUK Board.

Services provided include:

  • Fully co-ordinated and controlled competition season
  • Spectacular "Finals" events for all classes
  • Information and training for members and instructors
  • Quality judging and advice on musical education via Drum Corps Europe
  • Professionally Produced souvenir videos/DVD's of each "Finals"

DCUK organises Drum Corps contests throughout the summer for Corps of all experience and abilities.