Horse Racing Classes

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the UK… With thousands and thousands of horses being trained to compete, the horse racing “industry” is now booming more than ever before.

Also what we are witnessing grow is the number of fans of this sport around the whole world and not UK only… If you are reading this, chances are, you, yourself are a fan of this sport.

With a lot of people joining the wagon of horse racing fans, it can be at times troublesome to pick who is a real hardcore admirer and who is just a random fan.

There is one particular way to make this distinction. You just ask for the horse racing classes. If you want to be a well-informed fan, this is the article for you. Today we will take a dive on the world of Horse racing classes.

Horse Race Classifications

First of all let answer the obvious question that arises. What are horse racing classes? Horse racing classes explained for first-time fans are a system of classifying horses on different groups.

With the huge amount of horses being breed for horse racing something like horse classes was definitely useful. The horses are set into specific classes based on many factors.

Once these factors are all calculated and accounted for, the horse will be given a score that starts from 0 and get’s as big as the horse is skilled.

Horse racing classes aren’t different types of horse racing. This is a little bit confusing. There are many horse races out there like: stakes, graded stakes, allowance and claiming, maiden, endurance, flat racing, national hunt and so on…

To understand this even better we need to dwell a little deeper on some of these sorts of race. We have chosen to talk about flat racing and national hunt because they are more famous and wide spread.

Flat Racing

This is probably the most famous type of horse racing in the world. The main reason behind it being that it is the most basic type of racing.

Flat racing is a form of racing which is designed to measure the fastest horse, on a predetermined rout. The distance of the race can vary from a one thousand meters to a few thousand.

Flat Racing Classifications

Now let us look at the classifications that exist for this specific type of horse racing. This will hopefully make it clear where the difference between horse races and horse racing classes is.

Flat racing has 7 main classes, them being:

  • 1st Class – Here you will find the top notch horse with ratings from 96 to over 110.
  • 2nd Class – Is meant for the horses of these three ratings 86 – 100, 91 to 105 and 96-110
  • 3rd Class – The ratings for the participating horses here are 76 – 90 and 81 to 95
  • 4th Class – Has horses with ratings of 66 – 80 and 71 – 85
  • 5th Class – Here the horses have ratings like 56 – 70 and 61 – 75
  • 6th Class – Horses with 46 – 50 and 51 to 65 ratings
  • 7th Class – At the very wend we have the 0 – 45 rating.

National Hunt Racing

This would take the second place in the list of the world’s most famous types of horse racing. Nonetheless national hunt racing is probably the most thrilling horse racing sport to watch.

It is the type of racing in which participating horses have to jump over obstacles in front of their way. Sometimes the horses will also race each-other and not only against time when jumping the obstacles.

National Hunt Race Classifications

Although there, for sure is more to talk about as far as National Hunt Race goes, that isn’t our goal today. What we are looking at today is horse racing classes.

National Hunt, unlike Flat Racing, has 6 main classes and the ranking system of horses it is differnet. Let’s check them out:

  • 1st Class – Here lay pattern and listed races
  • 2nd Class – Here you will find open handicaps and handicaps (ratings of 0 to over 140)
  • 3rd Class – Handicaps and Novice Handicaps with 0-120 and 0-135 ratings for each group
  • 4th Class – 0-100 and 0-115 ratings Novice Handicaps and Handicaps
  • 5th Class – Handicaps 0-85 and 0-95, Novice Handicaps with the same ratings
  • 6th Class – Flat Races of National Hunt and Hunter’s Steeplechases